Khanyisa Education Centre – Primary school

Meet the Primary Education Director

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to this amazing institution. It is true that there can be no better decision for a parent/guardian than choosing the best school for your child/rens’ education. I would like to invite you all to invest and partner with the market leader, the tried and tested, a trusted companion in the provision of highest quality education with excellence in sport, arts and culture. Why Khanyisa Education Centre:

  • We embrace 21st century learning and incorporates technology in education.
  • We boast well-maintained state of art facilities and invest in good modern resources.
  • Utilise best educational practices and innovative techniques.
  • Highly qualified, experienced and dedicated educators with passion for education.
  • High academic standard, small class sizes and individualized programs.
  • No hidden costs, our school fees are inclusive of textbooks.
  • A safe, caring and stimulating environment that encourages responsibility, self-discipline, and a positive self-image.

Learning To Care, Do And Achieve

Let your child experience unparalleled quality education that unlocks one’s greatest potential to a world of possibilities.

Pre-school: Grade 000 and 00

The Pre-school focuses on early childhood education which prepares children for a formal schooling. Children learn to follow a consistent structure and routine. In Grade 000, we admit three year olds or those that are turning three before June. In Grade 00, we admit four year olds or those that are turning four before June.


The admission into the nursery school happens throughout the year. The school offers an enriched curriculum that integrates academics, sport, arts and culture. It also caters for the intellectual, physical, emotional and social aspects of the child development. We offer scholar transport for pre-school learners at a reasonable rate.

Intermediate Phase: Grade 4 to 6

In the Intermediate Phase, the emphasis is still on establishing basic foundations, but learners are led into more abstract thought and independent work. Application of skills and concepts is also a focus area in this phase. Subjects taught in the intermediate phase are:

  • English Home Language
  • Xitsonga First Additional Language
  • Afrikaans Second Additional Language
  • Mathematics
  • Natural Science, and Technology
  • Social Sciences
  • Creative Arts
  • Life skills

Foundation Phase: Grade R TO 3

You can’t build a great building on a weak foundation- Gordon B. Hinckley

The Foundation phase is the first phase of formal schooling and is called foundation for a very good reason. In the Foundation phase, we focus on teaching the foundational skills, concepts and knowledge which are required for further learning. Class numbers are kept to manageable sizes enabling teachers to give individual attention to pupil. Learning areas taught in the Foundation phase are:

  • Language and Literacy- English Home Language.
  • Mathematics– a learner-centred approach where problem-solving is the starting point and introduction to project-based learning.
  • Life Skills– includes basic foundation skills, Creative Arts and Physical Education.

In Grade R we focus on an integrated play-based curriculum with specialised educational programmes. We ensure that “learning” and “fun” are one by allowing learners to learn through play. According to Jean Piaget, for a child to know and construct knowledge of the world, the child must act on objects and it is the action which provides knowledge of these objects. Learners are exposed to different indoor and outdoor controlled activities to help develop their gross, social skills and fine motor skills. Grade R is the bridge from the concrete world to the world of symbols and numbers in Grade 1. In Grade 1 to 3, more emphasis will be on imparting listening, speaking and writing skills.

Sport, Arts and Culture

At Khanyisa, we believe that “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. To develop our learners holistically, we also put equal emphasis on extra and co-curricular activities. Some of the activities offered includes:

  • Gymnastics
  • Aerobics and dance
  • Cricket
  • Tennis
  • Netball
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Athletics
  • Cross country.